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(The fireballs signals are continuous, and mark your next destination. However, you can explore a bit before going there. The player is in the Artisan world, with grassy plains and stone structures. There can be some random treasure found forgotten in barrels to collect as well as large sheep herds that the player can torment to their heart's content. Spyro is able to meet three other dragons during this time who each give him advice. All dragons are mainly quadrapedal, but the older ones have the ability to stand and perform tasks with their forepaws, as demonstrated by one doing crafting. Spyro can eventually reach his mother, Amethystia, who is sitting on a castle balcony by either taking the castle ramp, or with some creative plattforming with some stone ruins.)

Amethystia: [Reclining on the balcony and lifts her head up as Spyro approaches. Her main coloring is the same lavender purple as Spyro's is. The scales on her underbelly, inside wings, and spines on her head are all silver.] I was wondering when one of you would arrive. Now where's your brother?

Copper: [Pounces on spyro from out of nowhere. The two wrestle with each other.]

Amethystia: [sighs and shakes her head before clearing her throat.]

Copper and Spyro: [Reluctantly stand at attention, giving one last shove to each other.]

Spyro: Have you really been to lands other than the dragon worlds?

Amethystia: Yes, but it was a long time ago. I haven't been back to visit in ages.

Spyro: Can you take us there? I wanna go knock around those egg thieves!

Copper: [rolls his eyes] You couldn't beat up a hatchling.

Spyro: I can beat you!

Copper: [sticks out tongue] Doubt it!

Spyro: [charges into his brother and the two begin fighting again]

Amethystia: [Sighs] The reason I called you is that the patrols have spotted some of the gnorcs near out boarders.

Spyro: [Let's go of Copper's tail, which he was biting.] What's a Gnorc?

Copper: They're ugly green things that always try to attack us. They're pretty stupid as well from what I hear. They never get too far though; I don't know what the worry is about. I could probably take em.

Spyro: Me too!

Amethystia: [Stern] You will not go anywhere near them. From now on I want you back by this time, and you are not to go anywhere beyond Stone Hill. Am I clear?

Spyro and Copper: Yes mother.

Amethystia: Good. Now go get cleaned up and ready for lessons.

Lessons happen offscreen. The next scene is at night where the family is getting ready for bed. As Spyro and Copper lay down, Amethystia is called outside by Talonus.

Amethystia: [goes onto the balcony with the green dragon] Has there been any more sightings?

Talonus: A few, none have gotten too far yet.

Amethystia: [sighs and looks back at Copper and Spyro]

Talonus: The Gnorcs are cowardly creatures; they never give us too much trouble. They wouldn't even have come this far if Gnasty didn't egg them on. They won't reach here.
Amethystia: I'd be calmer if they were here where I could see them and take care of them, not someplace where my children could run off to while my back is turned…(sighs) How long will it take to drive them back? Gnasty has gotten bolder and more vicious lately. All of his defeats should have made them weaker, but they keep coming back.

Talonus: Gnasty doesn't have the sense of a stone. He'll lead the Gnorcs into ruin before they get the better of us.

Amethystia: [sighs] I just wish my boys didn't always go looking for trouble. Especially Spyro;.even as a hatchling he found danger, and he's still not old enough to fly.

Talonus: He takes after his mother..

Amethystia: [smiles] Well at least they are dedicated to fighting each other. Maybe that will keep them from wandering.

Talonus: One can hope. [turns away] Goodnight Amethystia..Best of luck.

Amethystia: To you as well.

Talonus: [flies away]

Spyro: [yawns and is about to go to sleep] Copper?

Copper: Yea Spyro?

Spyro: Do you know what's in those other lands?

Copper: Not a clue..

Spyro: Well we shouldn't we go there and find out some day?

Copper: We will little brother[yawns] We will..

They both fall asleep, but not without giving each other a playful kick and shove first.
3rd Part! Whoohooo! Let me know what you think of the series so far!

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BlackNastopian Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012   Traditional Artist
Great job! You should keep writing its good :D
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I like it! More please :3
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:iconhappydanceplz: I actually got a comment on this thing! Thank you!
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